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Industry News
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Granite Sky Design News

Recycle America!!!

Kudos to all the cities and towns who are increasing their residential recycling! This year we created recycling calendars for the following: Bessemer City, Cabarrus County, City of Belmont, City of Clinton, City of Concord, City of Kannapolis, City of Monroe, City of Mount Airy, Town of Davidson, Town of Harrisburg, and Town of Matthews.

Juggle Awards

Three Granite Sky Design, Inc. websites receive’s Top NC City Governments Website award: City of Concord, Town of Matthews, and City of Statesville.

Let's talk trash

We recently completed solid waste campaigns for the City of Concord, Town of Matthews, and City of Belmont. We’re strong advocates of reducing, reusing, and recycling!

Featured Project

We were hired by the Town of Matthews to do a complete Branding Initiative. This was comprised of multiple components which included a new logo for the Town, a Marketing Communications Plan, a new website and Economic Development pieces.